Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chiweenie Tales: A Daring Rescue

For today's post, I'll tell you about some scary (yet somewhat funny) occurrences with Leila.

See, we often take her out in our backyard to play with her stick; she usually brings the stick back for four or five throws, then starts circling around (and eventually eating) some deer poop. That's when we usually bring her in the house.

Sometimes, though, our neighbor's dog is out. It's a really old dog, and it has a low, rumbling bark. Whenever Leila sees the dog, she immediately runs over to him. She runs in close to him, then darts back out; in and out, in and out. Sometimes, she'll even run onto our neighbor's deck and stand next to their sliding door! As you can imagine, a nightmare to get her back. We often have to say "Leila! Want a treat??" in a high-pitched voice. Eventually, she listens, and comes sprinting back through our garage door, safe and sound.

Man, chiweenies are fast!! :D

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