Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chiweenie Tales: Leila's Yelping

For today's blog, I'll tell you about Leila's noisy, yet cute, yelping.

Whenever we're all sitting in the family room, Leila usually likes to lie on the edge of the couch so she can look out the window. We'll all be doing our own thing, when suddenly, we'll hear a low, grumbling sound - followed by some high-pitched squeaks.

Looking out the window, we'll see a couple walking together, or a neighbor doing some yardwork. Before we know it, Leila is in a frenzy, running from window to window, harping like she's in some terrible pain. Her tail wags, but her voice suggests an uneasy curiosity.

After a few minutes, Leila winds down, expunging a few last squeaks from her snout - and the next instant, she's plopped down on the couch, staring out the window once more. Oh, how cute she is! :D

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